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SONIFI Incorporated, previously SONIFI Solutions, is an interactive content and connectivity provider. The company serves approximately 1.4 million hotel rooms worldwide in addition to healthcare facilities throughout the United States with core services that include interactive television, broadband, connectivity, and advertising media solutions along with nationwide technical and professional support services.

The company's corporate headquarters are in Los Angeles, California and the primary operations center is in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The company also maintains offices in Silicon Valley as well as offices in Canada and Mexico and a network of field service facilities serving the company's customers throughout the United States and Canada. SONIFI's primary customer base is in the continental United States, and they also deliver services in Canada, Mexico and 15 other countries through relationships with local licensees. As LodgeNet, it had a long-standing partnership with Nintendo, and has brought Nintendo console titles to hotel rooms since the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


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Field Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"typical day drive to hotels and solve issues related to bad tv reception to replacing a dishi learned an entirely new trade very fortunate to have had the opportunitymanagement was ineptco-worker was awesomehardest part knowing that no matter how hard you worked you knew it would never matterhaving a guest or client appreciate what you had done for thempleasant co-workersno advancement opportunity"

Field Service Technician II (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed almost all aspects of working for Lodgenet. My troubleshooting and customer service skills improved dramatically. The local field staff were close and I keep in contact with them to this day. My diverse abilities to maintain complex computer, satellite and network infrastructure are a result of my employment.I didn't always agree as to their operational choices but worked to make the system succeed. When the downturn (2008) occured they acted as they always do. Drop you right on the curb. Given how much more work the 2 techs have to cover in the 5 technician area I am ok with the seperation. They didn't have as much advancement or continuing education as I would have liked. They tried for a couple of years to have an educational channel but costs kept it from succeeding.I mostly enjoyed building a relationship with our customers. Turning a potentially disasterous event into a positive and supportive experience for the client. A poor tech can know alot mechanically but you can lose the account due to PR neglect, which happened more than I would like to acknowledge since '08.Had I continued to work there I would have gone back to school to persue more IT and computer based training.independent operation, supervisors trused you to get the work done, new technology introduced on every installation.lack of education on emerging platforms, upper mgt seemed detatched and ill informed when it came to the field operations dept."

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